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tERRORbane is a comedic adventure where bugs are your FRIENDS! Enjoy exploring a crazy and outlandish world, full of unique, quirky characters and homages to the history of videogaming, challenge the Developer with your creativity and be the Bane of Errors!

“tERRORbane is a must-play journey for anyone who loves gaming.”GameGrin

Koo has over 50 million usersand a 4.4 rating on App Store!


Koo is a globally available micro-blogging platform that houses over 50 million users from over 100 countries. It empowers people to express their thoughts in a language of their choice. It houses social news and updates from millions of people.


Legend of Kendor is a Fantasy Free-Roaming Action Roguelike game. This is about people in Kendor trying to save their loved ones. You make your own path and adventure with consequences.

“This one is an amazing roguelike. Seriously, you have to test it out yourself!”Translator's suggestion

Panda Games: Town Home has over 5 million downloadsand a 4.0 rating on Google's PlayStore!

Panda Games: Town Home

Start your ideal life in the town now! You can explore a new world of your own! Everything is possible here. So, come and create your own town story now!


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DEVIL DEVOUR ALIVE DX is a single screen arcade style game, inspired by religious mysticism and Dante's Inferno, which challenges you to chase the highest score in the world by collecting sinners as they fall from Earth into Hell.DEVIL DEVOUR ALIVE DX é um jogo de estilo arcade de tela única, inspirado no misticismo religioso e no Inferno de Dante, que lhe desafia a buscar a maior pontuação do mundo através da coleta de pecadores enquanto eles vão da Terra ao Inferno.

some of our projects

Legend of kendor

We had an absolute blast working on the localization of the incredibly engaging and addictive Roguelike game, Legend of Kendor. This game has it all, from its captivating items and characters to its impressive graphics. Despite being in Early Access, it's already impressively rich in content. With ongoing updates, the game is only getting better. Get it now on Steam!


We were honored to translate Terrorbane, and it was a truly remarkable experience. As we worked diligently to bring this thrilling game to life in a new language, the project was filled with excitement and dedication. Now you can enjoy Terrorbane in our translation version and immerse yourself in its world of ERRORs and adventures.

stones keeper

We had the privilege of contributing to the localization of the games Stones Keeper and its prequel, Stones Keeper: King Aurelius. Both games feature incredible stories, and it was an exceptional experience to be a part of their localization. Given the complexity of the texts, it took some extra effort, but we are confident that we successfully captured all the emotions conveyed in the original text.


Totemlands was our debut in the translation of a game for release in a major digital store. It was an exciting, volunteer, and fun project from start to finish. The game is available in Portuguese on the Opera GX digital storefront.


Undoubtedly, our most unique project was Koo APP, an Indian microblogging and social networking service. Translating a social network for the first time was an exhilarating experience for us, and we had an incredible amount of fun working on it. Dive into the vibrant world of Koo APP and connect with others through this exciting platform.


Welcome to the fantastic world of Panda Games: Town Home, a delightful mobile game designed especially for kids! Come and join us on a playful journey as we help bring this magical game to life. Panda Games: Town Home, with its colorful visuals, adorable characters and funny gameplay: Town Home is guaranteed to leave kids smiling and laughing. Get ready for an exciting adventure right at your fingertips, let the fun begin!